With an abundance of data in the digital world, data entry technicians empower their clients by providing an effective way to compile, organize, and study information. They work with machine learning technology and other processes which require human interaction to gather intelligence about the business world. This gathered information can be used to generate leads, analyze competition, improve internal processes, and find new revenue streams.

Data entry professionals work either as individuals or as part of a larger team. Most of their day is spent analyzing data and entering it into spreadsheets or content management systems. These professionals often work from a home office and are proficient with productivity suite software like Microsoft Office or Google Docs.

Additionally, data entry specialists can be found in almost every industry on the planet. Many professionals may have additional training and certifications to handle specialized projects such as medical transcription or paralegal research.

Data entry professionals use technology and typing accuracy to transfer large amounts of text into a file system, which varies from company to company. In a typical situation, a client uploads anything from purchase receipts to insurance records into a secure online account for a data entry professional to access. Software technology called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) may be used to transfer some of that data into the completed format, while other parts may be typed by hand or dictated.

While modern technology simplifies many aspects of gathering data, it also creates a need to efficiently and accurately access and process all of that information. Data entry specialists are very detail oriented with excellent focus, enabling them to work quickly and accurately.

Here are some examples of a typical data entry project:

  • Converting paper files into digital records
  • Transferring data to content management systems
  • Combining receipts and other documents into a spreadsheet
  • Acquiring contact information and generating leads
  • Compiling corporate sales data into a unified format

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