• Consulting services for IT clients and consultants
  • Fulfilling the job requirement on all technologies
  • Finding relevant job opportunity for the consultant
  • Training and placement for the consultants in United States

  • We offer jobs for people with H1b visa, Green card, US Citizen and TN visa
  • Tax Terms in US
    1. Corp to Corp: Deal between two corporations. Can send all the working visa holders only salary is paid.
    2. W2: Consultants will be on our payrolls. There are two types of W2:-
      • I.With Benefits: We give Allowances for lodging and boarding. We pay his Medical Insurance, Federal taxes we also give him 80 days of paid vacation in a year.
      • Without Benefits: Here we pay only the federal taxes.
    3. 1099: Consultants who can directly placed without any other corporation help can be taken on this tax term. Here also we pay only salary no taxes or benefits are provided, we can hire GC, US Citizens and TN visa holders.

  • Client Requirements
  • Bench sales or Marketing
  • Business deals with clients

  • Account Managers generate requirements from their clients
  • Requirement is sent to recruiting lead
  • Team of recruiters source the resumes for the requirement
  • Decide the salaries and do the preliminary paper work
  • Close the best deals

  • Account Managers and Sales lead gather consultants who are willing to work under the company pay roles
  • Prepare their resumes and forward to sales team
  • Resource executives will market the consultants resume through different techniques and find them an appropriate project

  • Read thoroughly the requirement you are going to work
  • Make sure that you understand the client requirement very well then prepare a query with the skills mentioned
  • You will have job portals available, execute the query in the job portals, you will get some profiles go through the profiles pick up the best matching resumes.
  • Call the candidate explain him the job position.
  • Make sure both you and candidate are comfortable with requirement and resume.
  • Take other details like Visa status, Availability. Confirm the hourly rates with he consultants in case of GC and US Citizens or with their employers(must in case of H1B) if any.
  • Never discuss rates with H1B consultants directly, confirm the rates with their Employers only.
  • Go ahead and submit the resume to team lead.
  • Keep following up your team lead regarding the interviews for your submittals.
  • Close the best deals and go ahead with master paper work.

  • Go through the resume you are going to market. Make sure you are know every part of resume and skills they had used in the projects.
  • Post the resumes in the job portals, Keep updating the resumes on daily basis.
  • Search for the matching requirements in portals, internet and with your vendors.
  • Submit to the best matching requirement and try to get interviews for your consultant.
  • Make the preliminary Paper work to prohibit the H1B transfers.
  • Try to get the best rates for your consultants.
  • Discuss the interview schedules with your consultants and be in touch with vendors or clients you work with.
  • Place the consultant in best projects.

  • Preliminary Paper work: Which is done before interview schedule for the consultants.
    NCA: Non Compete Agreement - includes tax terms and pay rates.
    NDA: Non Disclosure Agreement – Includes the norms to be followed by the both parties.
  • Master Paper Work: Which is done after consultant is selected for the project.
    MSA: Master service Agreement
    PO: Purchase Order.

This training program concludes you about the core components of US Staffing.

Recruiting is a task in which people will analyze candidates personal profile in regards to his job capabilities.

This program will help you to read the job read the job profile of the candidate through telephone on asking closed ended questions.

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