Zenith Alliance is dedicated to making the lives of physicians simpler by offering quality medical transcription services. Our comprehensive solution includes dictation capture, transcription, and the final delivery of the files in a format of your choice. Our customer focus ensures that you get customized services that take your dictation system requirements and hospital information systems into account.

A wide variety of global clients - from individual physicians to multi-specialty clinics and hospitals - are leveraging our services to improve their overall process. Our commitment to delivering the best means that you get access to trained medical transcriptionists that work as dedicated resources on your account. This helps us deliver work that time and again exceeds your expectations.

We can help you transcribe a wide variety of reports, including:

  • Discharge summary
  • Emergency room reports
  • Patient charts
  • Teleconference notes
  • Clinical summary
  • Surgery notes
  • History and physical reports
  • Medical records summary
  • Progress notes
  • Pediatric/Geriatric reports
  • Rehabilitation reports
  • SOAP notes
  • Operative reports

All these reports are also available for our medical transcription specialties like, pathology transcription, HL7 transcription, and emergency room transcription services.

Our teams are located across different geographical locations - India, The Philippines, Kenya, and South America. Before they start work, our medical transcriptionists undergo rigorous training that covers different specialties. Our medical transcription team includes the following:

  • Client Account Managers
  • Tier-1 Transcriptionists
  • Quality Assurance Associates
  • Proof-readers and Editors

Dedicated medical transcriptionists work on each client account. This helps ensure that they are well versed with the dictating physician's style and accent. This approach also helps us deliver consistently superior services.

  • Access skilled medical transcriptionists: Our medical transcriptionists undergo a rigorous six month medical transcription course before they start working for clients. We also have physiotherapists and other therapists that are well versed with medical terminology on our team
  • Get access to superior quality services: Our three-tier process ensures that each file is checked for quality before it is submitted to the client. This means that you get 99% defect-free work. In addition, we ensure that transcriptionists that have extensive experience in that particular specialty are assigned to work on a specific client account. This means that you can be assured that all medical terminologies will be correctly transcribed. Also, we check each transcript - from the template to the patient details to the dictation - twice for accuracy
  • Turnaround of work in less than 24 hours: Since our delivery centers are located in The Philippines and India, our North American customers can take advantage of the overnight turnaround time. With us, you can get reports back faster than ever before
  • Access 100% HIPAA compliant services: Partnering with us gives you access to a committed team that has undergone HIPAA training. We ensure that our healthcare processes are 100% complaint
  • Ensure that quality is optimized: Our work-flow is designed to ensure that you get defect-free work. Our QA team checks the final output and corrects any grammatical and contextual errors
  • Get the delivery of your files in your preferred format to a software or destination that you choose: We can deliver the final transcripts in any of the following ways:
    1. By faxing copies directly to your physicians
    2. By transcribing directly into your medical records software
    3. By printing on-site at your facility
    4. Through the import of documents directly into your medical records
    5. Using scheduled e-mail delivery
    6. Using secure Internet download via HTTPS and FTP
    7. By importing documents directly into your medical records/hospital software

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